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Patch 1.5 PS4 & Xbox One

Here are the various corrections bring by the 1.5 Patch on PS4 & Xbox One
• Experiences Moto Racer 4 in VR: Feature available in both Asphalt and Dirt modes.
[PS4-Xbox One]
• Online Leaderboards have been added to the game: They are available in both Time Attack and Hot Lap game modes.
• Video options have been added (Gamma and Brightness).
• 5 new stickers can be unlocked by the player in both Career and Quickplay modes: Once the player wins all the Nemesis challenges - Once the player earns the style medal for each challenge - Once the player completes Chapter 10 - Once the player wins all the Gold-level challenges - Once the player beats all the developers' best times.
• The AI difficulty has been adjusted for all chapters.
• New text information has been added to improve the bet system.
• "Overperformance" has been added: if the player wins a challenge with a better performance than they had wagered, they gain additional style points at the end of the challenge.
• The results screen can now be skipped.
• A notification has been added for when the player has points left to spend in the paddock.
• The "Try again" button is now available in the Pause menu. This allows the player to restart the current race, but not restart the whole championship.
• When a player and an AI end up with the same amount of total points after the last championship, the player will now be considered as the winner.
• Track shortcuts are now highlighted.
• Bug fix for collisions and respawn zones.
• The smoke FX is now properly displayed.
• Loading screens: 11 new tips have been added.
• When a player performs a super wheeling, a reminder to hold the button is displayed.
• AI can no longer nudge players.
• The audio mix between engine and background noise, and music has been adjusted.
• The reverberation in first-person view has been fixed.
• The collision sound between two motorbikes has been adjusted.
• New sound added when players perform wheelings.
• New sound added for swerves.
• Various bug fixes.